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A Fairy Tale Mansion in the World Heritage City of Safranbolu

The Testempasis family lived in the Değirmenci Mansion, which was built by Greek masters in the last quarter of the 19th century, until the Population Exchange between the two countries. The mansion was later bought by us in 2003, which had gone through a lot of hardships and turned into ruins. After a long and arduous restoration process, the mansion has been brought to life as a culture and guest house in 2007 where our cultural values ​​are preserved.

For about 6 years, we have continuously hosted guests from all over the world, and created a bridge of love and culture between Safranbolu and families who went to Skidra Town, Preveza and other places in Greece through the Population Exchange. We provided moral and material support to the cultural and artistic activities in our town and actively participated in organizing such activities.

We have traveled hundreds of thousands of kilometers from Istanbul to Greece, from Greece to Safranbolu during summer, winter, rain and mud, without a day off. In this process, we became very tired and crumpled for our dream of perhaps making our town one of the leading actors of world cultural tourism, and as a result, closed the mansion for a long time starting from 2013. While our mansion was closed, some of the historical items were stolen by thieves, and the bridges of culture and love we built were interrupted.

We decided to share only a few rooms of the mansion, which introduces our country globally and hosts thousands of travelers from all over the world, with friends during the summer season in order to bring our mansion back to life, to let it breathe, to prevent it from disappearing, to unite the cultures arising from its history, and to continue its mission of being a bridge.

Our wish is for you to come and be one of those lucky few guests, experience the mansion by seeing the true stories and fairy tales about the population exchange and the past, and return to your lives with inner peace.

As in the past, you will have a house where you can take shelter away from the chaos of big cities, for your inner peace and to listen to the voice of your inner child, to take a break to breathe and rest, even for a short time, and to complete your journey to yourself. This is our story in a nutshell. We would love to hear your stories too.

When you get tired of the noise, chaos and insincerity of big cities, when you are looking for a safe harbor, you now know that you have friends to knock on their door. 

We hope to see you soon…



Each room has its own fingerprint from the past, combined with the comfort of today. You will find magical corners in our mansion during your stay and experience your own fairly tale.





Rich country breakfast prepared with organic ingredients is available upon request.

Free Wifi




Guests are welcome to enjoy our oasis during their stay to stargaze, to relax under a tree or sip their coffee accompanied by warm conversations.

Daily Housekeeping





Canyon Tour


You can enjoy a walk to see the impressive canyons in the city, such as Tokatlı, Bulak, Sırçalı, Kirpe, Çatak, Valla and Horma.

Cultural Sites


You can experience the rich historical culture of the city in the Old Town of Safranbolu, Hadrianapolis Ancient City, Mencilis Cave, İncekaya Aqueduct and architectural  texture of Turkish villages, such as Yörük and Yazıköy.

Market Tour 


You can bring  souvenirs to your loved ones from the Old Town of Safranbolu as well  as Kıranköy, also known as the new town. Safranbolu is well known with its saffron lokum.

Leisure Activities


Guests wishing to experience the sea side of Black Sea may visit the ancient  Genoese colonies Amasra, İnkum and Çakraz.

Nature Tour


Küre Mountains Natural Park which includes Pınarbaşı, Azdavay, Ballıdağ, Daday, Eflani, Kastamonu towns worths visiting due to their natural richness, such as caves, waterfalls and forests.

Horse Riding 


Nearby villages have horse ranches and camping areas that guests can enjoy with their friends and families.



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